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Cookie statement Appnetics

Appnetics uses cookies.Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent to your browser when you visit this website and are then stored on the hard disk or in the memory of the device you use to visit our website. When you visit our website again at a later time, this information will be recognised. These cookies will not harm your devices.

Article 1: Which cookies do we use?

Here you can find an overview of the cookies that we use via website and our app and why we do this.

Functional cookies
We use functional cookies. These ensure that the website and app work properly so that we can show you which services and products we offer and that the website and app work in a user-friendly way for you. For example, by using these functional cookies you do not always have to provide the same information, because this information is stored.

Analytical cookies
We use analytics services to enable and optimize this website. We have a commercial interest in using your surfing behaviour and related data to analyse our service and improve it where necessary. We will track your use of the website with Google Analytics. These cookies know whether you have visited our site before. A cookie is only created on the first visit, on subsequent visits the existing cookie is used. The cookie is only used for statistical purposes and collects data such as the number of unique visits, which pages are viewed and how long they are viewed. With JavaScript we can count page views. This way we can determine which content is most interesting for you as a visitor.

However, we think protecting your privacy is very important. That is why we have taken the following measures regarding these analytical cookies to minimise the burden on your privacy:

We have concluded a processing agreement with this provider, we have agreed that they will not use your data for other purposes and we will have part of your IP address masked. Because the statistics are collected anonymously, no permission is requested to place analytical cookies.

Tracking cookies
We use tracking cookies from third parties.Among other things, reCAPTCHA from Google places tracking cookies. These ensure that you receive a risk score based on your behaviour and other factors. From this risk score, Google determines whether the visitor is a legitimate visitor or a spambot. As a legitimate visitor, you must then confirm that you are not a robot in order to be able to send the (contact) form.

The embedded content may also contain tracking cookies. Data about you as a user is only sent to these parties when you click on or play or navigate the content. The data collected with this is not accessible to us as owners. You can choose not to give permission for these cookies to be placed. However, the embedded content will then automatically not be viewable for you.

Finally, tracking cookies are placed by Crisp to send us chat messages.

Article 2: Delete cookies

When you visit our website for the first time, a pop-up is shown with an explanation about cookies and we ask you which cookies you want to accept. Cookies that are not strictly necessary for this website to work are only placed with your permission. You can revoke this consent at any time. If you no longer want this website to place cookies, you can indicate in your browser settings that you do not accept cookies and delete all placed cookies. You must indicate this on every computer and in every browser you use. This may have consequences for the services and functions that we can provide you.

Article 3: Final provisions

We recommend that you consult this statement regularly, as we may make changes to the policy. Changes will be announced on the website. If you have any questions about this statement or the cookies we use, you can send an e-mail to

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