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The time-saving tool for trip organisers!

Do you organise group trips and/or events? Would you like to save time and always be in contact with your attendees?

Then The Plan App is right for you! Using this app, you can share timetables, locations and all manner of information with the intended group. With just the press of a button, your attendees will have access to up-to-date information regarding your event!

The Plan App makes your life as an organiser that much easier!

Discover all the useful features of The Plan App

Forget those pesky PDFs through e-mail. Using The Plan App, you can easily create an event and share it using a link or a QR code. Your attendees will have access to timetables, locations, important contact information and everything else of importance. A change in schedule? Not a problem! Bring your attendees up to speed through a simple push notification. Organising your trip and/or event, without the hassle!

Discover the useful features of The Plan App

How it works

1. Create and manage events using the dashboard

You can efficiently create your event with our dashboard. Fill out all the important details and finish it of with a packing checklist, photos, tips, contact information and more.

  • Easy to fill out and to edit
  • Invite others as collaborators and work together
  • Easy access across multiple devices

How it works

2. Share the event with your attendees

To share the event with your attendees, you need only send a link. With just one click the mobile version of The Plan App is downloaded and will display your wonderful event. The app can be downloaded using the Appstore or Playstore or by scanning a unique QR code as well.


3. Access to the app anytime, anywhere

After attendees have downloaded The Plan App through your link, they gain immediate access to the schedule, even while offline. Did something change last minute? No problem at all! Bring everyone up to speed through a simple push notification

Would you like a try it first?

We understand. You wouldn’t buy a car, without taking it for a drive. So, why don’t you? With just a few clicks, you will have a free trial event set up. No strings attached!
The Plan App - Devices

View an example event in The Plan App

We set up an example event, just for you! This way you can get a good idea of what an attendee will see after you are done setting up your event or trip. The best way to examine it would be to download The Plan App, click on the image below and scan the QR code that pops up.